Project Funding
Trade Financing

A K Hazari Group (AKHG) is a commercial funding and financing firm providing project funding and trade financing to private, public and government sectors worldwide.

Up to 100% Project Funding and Trade Financing is available worldwide. There is no upfront fee, deposit, application fee or retainer required to be considered for project funding or trade financing.

The Minimum Amount for Project Funding is Five Million US Dollars ($5,000,000 USD) with No Upper Limit.

The Minimum Amount for Trade Financing is Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars ($500,000 USD) with No Upper Limit.

Most loans are closed within 15-90 days depending on the project type, location and borrowers efficiency.

    Project Funding Offered Worldwide
    - Joint Venture Funding
    - Seed Capital Funding
    - Builders Developers Funding
    - Debt Equity Funding
    - Asset Backed Funding
    - Commercial Mortgage Funding
    - Custom Funding

    Trade Financing Offered Worldwide
    - Contracts Financing
    - Purchase Order Financing
    - Capital Equipment Financing
    - Lease Financing
    - Other

Project Funding is provided by A K Hazari Group independently and under a separate contract to ensure there is no conflict of interest in the funding process.

Please visit the A K Hazari Group website for complete details.

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