Feasibility Studies - Business Plans
and Executive Summaries

Global Rank Team (GRT) are Strategic Advisors and Consultants providing advisory and consulting services to new, startup and existing businesses worldwide to successfully obtain project funding or trade financing for their projects.

    Feasibility Study - defines if a project will or will not work.

    Business Plan - shows exactly how it will work.

    Executive Summary - is the first impression of the project.

Feasibility Studies
Feasibility Studies assure owners and funding companies that they can confidently move ahead with the project and that it is economically viable and profitable. Feasibility Studies provide an investigating function for a project idea and evaluate the projects potential for success. Will it work or wont it.

A feasibility study contains standard components which are based on thorough research, several third party data sources and in-depth research. It also validates all assumptions, assessments and evaluations.

Business Plans
Business Plans provide a planning function and describe the actions needed to take the project from an idea to actual implementation based on the initial information contained in the feasibility study. This allows the owners to take the necessary steps and to successfully obtain funding for their project.

The business plan maps out the entire project in every minute detail to show exactly how it will work and how the business will be run. The business plan gives a concise blueprint for the project and company to work from. It shows the road map of how to best get from the positive outcome of the feasibility study through project financing, through the implementation and set-up process and through the first five years of the project itself.

Executive Summaries
The Executive Summary is a section of the business plan and highlights the major information and strengths of the project and is normally the first document that the funding company reviews before giving their initial interest in funding a project. There are no second chances at a first impression! This document is normally between 10-20 pages. This document is not offered individually.

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